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Purple Soup Crew

The Purple Soup Crew - We are Anna Radunsky, Sixtine Païtard, Paloma Fiere, Geoffrey Lemonnier and Lis Dostert, and we are an international theatre group. We are French, Russian-American and Luxembourgish. We met in the Acting in English Program of the Cours Florent in 2014. 

We will perform our play Mis(s)treated which is a dark comedy about human trafficking, prostitution and our society. Mis(s)treated has been written and created by Lis, as her 'end of school' project in 2017, and we did successfully present it in school. However, the past year we took the time to make some adjustments (text and staging) and this summer we will participate in the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, the biggest arts festival in the world. Our aim is to show the play in as many places as possible and to reach as many people as possible. Mis(s)treated is not a play about the one's who suffer but about the people that make others suffer.

Come and see how A, B and C, try to find solutions to keep their street prostitution up and running.

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