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Royal Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you, a young and very exciting band from the north of Luxembourg called Royal Circus. This band, founded in 2015 by two elephants, three lions (one of which starred in the Disney movie The Lion King), a bearded woman and 5 extraordinary musicians who wanted to create something new and different from what was established for years in their local music scene. A lion which performed a kazoo solo for an hour while the other band members played board games on stage was revolutionary and the fans loved it. Unfortunately the kazoo broke and the band had to come up with a different concept. An acoustic guitar, a bass as well as a saxophone, drums and the voice of the female director of the Royal Circus now create the very unique sound of the band. If Django Reinhardt joined Gogol Bordello and a Klezmer Orchestra to buy a ship and become pirates, their songs would probably sound like those from the Royal Circus. In other words, Royal Circus play a very special blend of gypsy swing, balkan beats and pirate punk. Highly energetic, highly dynamic and completely acoustic. And this is exactly what you will get when you go out to see this bunch of crazy and well-dressed people. I hope you like to party and you are not afraid of elephants.

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